1. General information
2. Operation and maintenance of the car
3. Design and technical characteristics of engines
4. Repair of the engine
5. Transmission
6. Brake system
7. Forward suspension bracket and steering
8. Back suspension bracket
8.1. General information
8.2. Maintenance and repair
9. Control system of the Fenix 5.1 engine
10. Electric equipment. Conducting and components
11. Body
12. Schemes of electric equipment

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8.1. General information

The S40/V40 cars have an independent back suspension bracket.

Fig. 8.1. Back suspension bracket: 1 — the longitudinal lever; 2 — the lower cross lever; 3 — the top draft;
4 — draft of control of a convergence; 5 — a telescopic rack; 6 — the stabilizer of cross stability; and — the scheme of levers and drafts; — a general view

Basic element of a back suspension bracket is the longitudinal lever (fig. 8.1). Its forward part can turn concerning a body, and a back part is fixed on a nave axis. The longitudinal lever is kept from side shift by the lower cross lever and the top draft. Draft control of a convergence of back wheels during the work of a suspension bracket is exercised. Such design increases stability of management on turns and improves controllability when driving on the uneven road. Besides, quality of braking on roads with a bad covering improves. The redistribution of efforts in turns which is loading in addition the releasing wheel is carried out by the stabilizer of cross stability. As the basic elastic elements serve telescopic racks of 5 Nivomat.
The V40 and S40 cars can be equipped with the sports chassis. It differs from usual in springs of the increased rigidity in front and behind; more rigid lobbies and back shock-absorbers, the back stabilizer of cross stability of the increased diameter. Draft of control of a convergence and the lower lever fasten to a body eccentric bolts.

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8. Back suspension bracket
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8.2. Maintenance and repair