1. General information
2. Operation and maintenance of the car
3. Design and technical characteristics of engines
4. Repair of the engine
5. Transmission
6. Brake system
7. Forward suspension bracket and steering
7.1. General information
7.2. Technical characteristics
7.2.1. Steering
7.3. Maintenance and repair of a suspension bracket
7.4. Maintenance and repair of steering
8. Back suspension bracket
9. Control system of the Fenix 5.1 engine
10. Electric equipment. Conducting and components
11. Body
12. Schemes of electric equipment



7.2.1. Steering

The car in standard equipment is equipped by the hydraulic amplifier of steering. The steering mechanism with the amplifier fastens on a cross beam on which suspension bracket levers are also mounted.
The tank for working liquid is installed on the right mudguard of a motive compartment. In standard execution the steering column is supplied with the steering wheel regulated on height.
The steering column has a number of functions of safety. They it can develop telescopicly in an emergency. At head-on collision first of all the movable device located between two universal hinges contracts. If collision so strong that the driver hits against a steering wheel (pressure the inflatable pillow of SPS perceives established as the standard equipment), a steering column breaks and telescopicly it develops still more at a guide.

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7.2. Technical characteristics
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7.3. Maintenance and repair of a suspension bracket