1. General information
2. Operation and maintenance of the car
3. Design and technical characteristics of engines
4. Repair of the engine
5. Transmission
5.1. General information
5.2. Technical characteristics
5.3. Design, check and replacement of coupling
5.4. Filling and pumping of hydraulic system of coupling
5.5. Adjustment of a pedal of coupling
5.6. Replacement of the working cylinder of coupling
5.7. Design and replacement of elements of the transmission
5.7.1. Device and operation of the transmission
5.7.2. Removal of the transmission
5.7.3. Installation of the transmission
5.7.4. Replacement of an epiploon of a main shaft on the removed transmission
5.7.5. Replacement of an epiploon of the right half shaft of KP
5.8. Gear shifting mechanism
6. Brake system
7. Forward suspension bracket and steering
8. Back suspension bracket
9. Control system of the Fenix 5.1 engine
10. Electric equipment. Conducting and components
11. Body
12. Schemes of electric equipment

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5.7.2. Removal of the transmission

For removal of KP execute:
a) preparatory operations:
— open a cowl;
— disconnect a negative wire of the rechargeable battery;
— uncover the engine;

Fig. 5.13. Fastening of an inlet hose of the air filter: 1 and 3 — places of fastening of a hose of ventilation of a case of the engine; 2 and 6 — collars; 4 — the socket of the air sensor; 5 — a hose of the air pump; 7 — a hose of the air filter

b) remove an inlet air hose from the air filter (see subsection. "Replacement of the working cylinder of coupling" and fig. 5.13);
c) remove the air filter assembled;

Fig. 5.18. Screws of fastening of the air filter (are shown by shooters)

— turn out two fixing screws (fig. 5.18);
— lift the filter and remove it rotary motion;
d) remove the working cylinder of coupling (see subsection. "Replacement of the working cylinder of coupling");
e) remove the sensor of a flywheel which is in the top part of coupling, having turned out two screws of the sensor, and remove the sensor aside;
e) disconnect a starter:

Fig. 5.19. Bolts of fastening of a starter (are shown by shooters)

— turn out three bolts (fig. 5.19) in a forward part;
— remove a starter from the adjustable plug rotary motion;

Fig. 5.20. Bolts of fastening of KP (are specified by shooters)

g) turn out fixing bolts in the top part of the transmission (fig. 5.20);

Fig. 5.21. Installation of a lifting beam

h) establish a lifting beam (fig. 5.21), moor the engine for lifting eyes and slightly raise it;

Fig. 5.22. Details of fastening of KP from a body (are shown by shooters)

i) disconnect transmission support from a body (fig. 5.22):
— turn out three nuts of support of the transmission;
— turn out a support bolt on a body;
— remove both support;

Fig. 5.23. Removal of a forward mudguard of the engine

j) remove a forward mudguard of the engine (fig. 5.23)
k) remove the left mudguard of the engine:

Fig. 5.24. Bolts of fastening of the left mudguard (are shown by shooters)

— turn out three bolts from above (fig. 5.24);
— remove the left mudguard;

Fig. 5.25. A bolt of fastening of a mass wire to KP (it is shown by an arrow)

l) disconnect a wire of connection with "weight" from the transmission, having turned off a bolt (fig. 5.25);

Fig. 5.26. Bolts of fastening of the heat-insulating screen (are shown by shooters)

m) remove the heat-insulating screen of the right half shaft, having turned out three bolts (fig. 5.26);

Fig. 5.27. Details of fastening of support of the engine and the central longitudinal beam (are shown by shooters)

o) remove the central longitudinal beam (fig. 5.27):
— turn off two nuts of support of the engine;
— turn out four bolts of fastening of the central longitudinal beam;
— take out two bolts from rubber plugs;
— remove the central longitudinal beam;
o) disconnect a gear shifting bar from the transmission:

Fig. 5.28. Fastening of a bar of gear shifting to KP: 1 — a bar; 2 — a bolt; 3 — a nut

— turn off a nut of 3 (fig. 5.28) and push out a bolt 2 up;
— bind a gear shifting bar;

Fig. 5.29. Backing light switch socket detachment

p) disconnect the socket of the switch of light of a backing (fig. 5.29);
c) merge oil from the transmission:
— turn out a bolt and remove the pallet;
— substitute capacity;
— turn out a stopper of a drain opening;
— be convinced that oil completely flew down;
— put a stopper of a drain opening with a new sealing ring and tighten the moment 38 N · m;
r) disconnect a flexible shaft of a speedometer from a transmission case:

Fig. 5.30. A speedometer cable junction on KP: 1 — a speedometer cable; 2 — the fixing pin

— clear the place of connection (fig. 5.30);
— take out the fixing pin 2 of the transmission;
— carefully extend a flexible shaft of 1 speedometer from the transmission;
— close a connecting opening;
s) remove forward wheels:
— weaken bolts of fastening of forward wheels;
— you will hang out forward wheels;
— put basic racks;
— remove forward wheels;
t) disconnect the right half shaft:

Fig. 5.31. Detachment of the right half shaft:
1 — a mandrel

— remove two lock pins by means of a mandrel with a diameter of 5 mm (fig. 5.31);
— turn out the top bolt and weaken an inhaling of the lower bolt of a rotary fist;
— wring out a rotary fist outside and take away a half shaft as it is possible further from a transmission shaft;
x) disconnect the left half shaft:

Fig. 5.32. Screws of fastening of a protective cover of a half shaft (are shown by shooters)

— turn out three screws of fastening of a protective corrugated cover (fig. 5.32);
— remove an ABS system wire from an arm;
— remove the fixing bracket and take out the pipeline of the brake system from an arm;
— turn out two adjusting bolts and disconnect the shock-absorber from a rotary fist;
— turn a steering wheel against the stop to the right;
— accurately take out a shaft from the transmission;
— close трехшиповик and a transmission opening;
— turn a steering wheel in the central situation;
v) remove the transmission:

Fig. 5.33. Installation of a support under the transmission

— establish a support 999 5972 and fix it under the transmission (fig. 5.33);
— turn out fixing bolts of connection of the engine with the transmission;
— lower the engine and the transmission so that they did not concern a body from the distributor;
— remove the transmission;
w) remove details from the old transmission:
— support;
— adjusting plugs 1 and 6;
— backing light switch 8;
— bearing 4 switching off of coupling, fork 3 and sealing rubber element 2;
— turn out a hairpin 5;
— clear and check the removed details:
— check the bearing of switching off of coupling and a fork as it is described in subsection. "Coupling";
aa) install details in the new transmission;

Fig. 5.34. Removal of details from KP: 1, 6 — adjusting plugs; 2 — a sealing element;
3 — a fork; 4 — the bearing; 5 — a hairpin; 7 — a bolt; 8 — the backing light switch

— take out caps and remove protective covers, rearrange them on the old transmission;

If the transmission is not replaced, and removed is established, it is necessary to replace the right consolidation and a sealing ring, see. "Replacement of an epiploon of the right half shaft".

— put into place adjusting plugs;
— apply sealant (number according to the catalog 1161099-5) on the backing light switch, install the switch, the moment of an inhaling of 22 N · to m;
— grease a clutch release fork lever support sphere with jellied Volvo number 1161246-2 lubricant;
— install into place the coupling switching off bearing, a fork and a rubber sealing element;
— put a hairpin 5, the inhaling moment
50 N · m
— mount an arm of a tube of the hydraulic drive of coupling, the moment of an inhaling of 48 N · m;
— deliver support, the moment of an inhaling of 40 N · to m.

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