1. General information
2. Operation and maintenance of the car
2.1. Governing bodies and dashboard
2.2. Ignition lock
2.3. Management of external lighting
2.4. Windshield screen wipers / washers, screen wipers / washers of headlights
2.5. The warning light (emergency) alarm system
2.6. The warmed back glass, the warmed external rear-view mirrors
2.7. Use of information center
2.8. System of deduction of constant speed of the movement (cruise control)
2.9. DSA system
2.10. Adjustment of provision of a steering wheel
2.11. Parking brake
2.12. Front seats
2.13. A pocket mirror in an antisolar peak
2.14. Internal illumination of salon
2.15. Management of elektrosteklopodyemnik of side glasses of forward doors
2.16. The hatch with the electric drive
2.17. Management of heating and ventilation
2.18. Running in of the new car
2.19. Safety methods when using of catalytic converter
2.20. Launch of the petrol engine
2.21. Blocking of inclusion of a backing
2.22. Automatic transmission
2.23. Brake system
2.24. Service of the rechargeable battery and launch of the engine from a foreign source
2.24.1. Rechargeable battery and its service
2.24.2. Recharge of the rechargeable battery
2.24.3. Symbols on the rechargeable battery
2.24.4. Launch of the engine from a foreign source
2.25. Corrosion-resistant coating of the car and care of it
2.26. General description of electric equipment
2.27. Description of performance of operations on maintenance
2.28. Description of the main operational materials and their filling volumes
3. Design and technical characteristics of engines
4. Repair of the engine
5. Transmission
6. Brake system
7. Forward suspension bracket and steering
8. Back suspension bracket
9. Control system of the Fenix 5.1 engine
10. Electric equipment. Conducting and components
11. Body
12. Schemes of electric equipment

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2.24.4. Launch of the engine from a foreign source

If the rechargeable battery for any reason is discharged, you can use the spare completely charged rechargeable battery for launch of the engine or take current from the rechargeable battery of other car ("prikurivaniye"). In order to avoid risk of formation of sparks always check reliability of fastening of clips.
In order to avoid risk of explosion at launch of the engine of the prikurivaniyem car it is necessary to carry out the following rules:
— to check that the rechargeable battery from which you take current is the 12-volt battery;
— if you use the cross over wires connected to other car, kill the engine of other car and check that your and other car do not concern each other;

Fig. 2.47. Launch of the engine of the car from a foreign source (digital designations see in the text): A — joint stock bank of the donor car;
B — joint stock bank of the car which engine needs to be started

— in the beginning connect positive plugs (a red wire of the battery or marked by the sign "+") two batteries, using a red cross over wire of 1 and 2 (fig. 2.47);
— on the rechargeable battery of other car fix a clip of a black cross over wire on the negative plug marked in blue color, the letter "N" or the sign "—" (3);

Remember that rechargeable batteries and, in particular, someone else's battery from which start-up is made emit the hydrogen which is explosive gas. The only spark which can arise at the wrong connection of the rechargeable battery — all this that is required for explosion of rechargeable batteries. The rechargeable battery is filled with sulfuric acid which can cause severe burns. If acid gets into eyes, on skin or clothes, wash away it a plentiful amount of water. In case of damage of eyes immediately ask for medical care.
The rechargeable battery contains acid which is toxic and causes active corrosion. Therefore it is extremely important to hand over when replacing the rechargeable battery which failed it in special places of acceptance.

— connect the second end of a black wire to a suitable point of the case of the engine of your car as it is possible further from your own rechargeable battery, for this purpose it is possible to use, for example, one of lifting eyes of the engine — 4 on the scheme;
— start the engine of other car, let's the engine work during
1 minutes at a frequency of rotation about 1500 min. — 1, then leave it to work at idling rotation frequency;
— start the car engine with the discharged rechargeable battery.

Do not touch cross over wires or their connections during launch of engines (in order to avoid risk of emergence of a spark) and do not bend over one of rechargeable batteries.

— after launch of the engine of the car remove clips of cross over wires as it should be, the return described above.

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2.25. Corrosion-resistant coating of the car and care of it