1. General information
2. Operation and maintenance of the car
3. Design and technical characteristics of engines
4. Repair of the engine
5. Transmission
6. Brake system
7. Forward suspension bracket and steering
8. Back suspension bracket
9. Control system of the Fenix 5.1 engine
10. Electric equipment. Conducting and components
11. Body
12. Schemes of electric equipment

Volvo S40/V40 (from 1996 to 2000 release)

Volvo S40 offers excellent controllability in comparison with many other brands of cars in its class. And with the same decisions, as in the majority of cars. Volvo - plus of several is perhaps the safest car in the standard size.

16-valvate Volvo S40 engines with two camshafts located in the head of the block self-regulated by system of valves with hydrocompensators and difficult electronic system of injection and ignition.

Automatic 4-speed transmission of Volvo S40 with three modes of driving or five-high-speed mechanical. DSA, Volvo traction control system (by request). The drive on forward wheels. The multilever suspension bracket of back wheels of Multi-link provides pleasant driving and a magnificent continence of the road.

Side marker lights. The built-in developing additional pillows for children on back sitting (by request).

The derived pleasure aggravates feelings and strengthens feeling of completeness of life. Balance and harmony are supplemented with feeling of safety that allows you to derive the maximum pleasure from a trip. Volvo S40 is among the safest cars of the class.

The system of protection against "pletevy" blow of WHIPS reduces load of a backbone and a neck at blow behind. It is built in front seats and is activated if the blow is behind rather strong.

The unique system of protection against side blow of SIPS of the Volvo company uses a considerable part of a body for absorption of force of side blow. The inflated Curtain of IC and side safety cushions provide the maximum protection of the head and thorax.

Safety is put in Volvo S40 from a drawing board. The innovative suspension bracket and powerful brakes provide complete control over the car in any situations. The system of active stabilization of DSA expands safety limits even more, for example, when you go on the slippery road. And if accident is simply inevitable, you receive additional protection thanks to the most advanced systems of safety.

Security systems of Volvo S40 work in coordination to protect you the necessary minute. the matter is that safety of the car is defined not by quantity of separate components, but rational interaction of various security systems.

The inflated curtains of IC protect the heads sitting both on lobbies, and on back seats. Are filled with gas at side crash to protect the heads of all being in the car. Curtains remain filled with gas during the time sufficient for continuous protection and deduction of people in salon at accidents with several blows.

Freights are fixed most safely by means of the eyes which are in half of the luggage compartment (option). Besides all seats are capable to maintain considerable influence of loose freights.

The side back seat which is for the forward passenger is equipped with fastenings of ISOFIX for installation of a children's seat Volvo against the direction of the movement. The additional children's seats which are built in side back seats provide the correct arrangement of a belt of safety on the child's body (option).

All seats are equipped with head restraints and three-point seat belts. At collision forward seat belts stretch prednatyazhitel for ensuring the maximum protection. Then the tension of forward seat belts slightly decreases in order that fixing of a body was carried out optimum.

The system of protection against "pletevy" injuries of whips - this original Volvo system reduces load of a backbone and a neck at blow behind. It is built in front seats and works at rather strong blow.

The system of protection against side blow of SIPS redistributes forces arising blow for reduction of physical impact on the people who are in salon. At the same time the Inflated Curtains of IC and forward safety cushions protect the heads and thoraxes of the driver and passengers.

The system of safety cushions for the driver and the passenger registers force of collision and as appropriate regulates their filling by gas - at strong blow pressure will be high, at weak - lowered. If safety cushions are not necessary, only prednatyazhitel of forward seat belts work. It is also possible to order the car without safety cushion for the passenger.

The strong framework of safety surrounding all being in the car, maintains huge physical activities.

All panels and sidewalls of doors are sheathed by the power absorbing materials for decrease in danger of traumatizing the driver and passengers.

The electronic immobilizer and door locks maintaining the majority of attempts of breaking help to protect the car from plunder. When you move away from the car, your way is lit within several seconds. The alarm system with remote control is offered as an option. With its help it is also possible to draw attention of people around in case of danger.

Forward and back zones of deformation disseminate and distribute forces arising at blow for reduction of the physical loadings operating on the people who are in the car.

Volvos S40 and V40 have belts of fastening of baggage not only for safety of your things, but also for safety you and your passengers. In the luggage compartment there is also a deepening with a grid for deduction of bags in vertical position. You can easily transform one, two or three back sitting to absolutely equal luggage space. And if you lower a back of forward passenger sitting forward, you receive space 2,7 meters long from the dashboard to a trunk lid or the back opened door!

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