1. General information
2. Operation and maintenance of the car
3. Design and technical characteristics of engines
4. Repair of the engine
5. Transmission
5.1. General information
5.2. Technical characteristics
5.3. Design, check and replacement of coupling
5.4. Filling and pumping of hydraulic system of coupling
5.5. Adjustment of a pedal of coupling
5.6. Replacement of the working cylinder of coupling
5.7. Design and replacement of elements of the transmission
5.8. Gear shifting mechanism
6. Brake system
7. Forward suspension bracket and steering
8. Back suspension bracket
9. Control system of the Fenix 5.1 engine
10. Electric equipment. Conducting and components
11. Body
12. Schemes of electric equipment

The most expensive security Clifford system was installed in Moscow in 1996 and cost the customer $3,5 thousand with installation.
Krashmobil & urgent purchase of Mazda 3. Kakhovskaya.
The most bystry car with the steam engine an official record - 206 km/h (on January 26, 1906), not official - 236 km/h (August, 1985).


5. Transmission

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5.1. General information