1. General information
2. Operation and maintenance of the car
3. Design and technical characteristics of engines
3.1. General information
3.2. Head of the block of cylinders
3.3. Block of cylinders
3.4. Gas-distributing mechanism
3.5. Krivoshipno-shatunny mechanism
3.5.1. Bent shaft
3.5.2. Rods
3.5.3. Pistons
3.5.4. Piston rings
3.5.5. Piston fingers
3.6. Lubrication system
3.7. Power supply system
3.8. System of production of the fulfilled gases
3.9. Cooling system
4. Repair of the engine
5. Transmission
6. Brake system
7. Forward suspension bracket and steering
8. Back suspension bracket
9. Control system of the Fenix 5.1 engine
10. Electric equipment. Conducting and components
11. Body
12. Schemes of electric equipment



3.5.3. Pistons

Fig. 3.16. Key parameters of the piston

Pistons (fig. 3.16) are cast from aluminum alloy. For providing a necessary gap in interface a piston/sleeve pistons of the nominal size on diameter of a skirt are broken into four dimensional groups.
Key parameters of pistons are specified in tab. 3.12.

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3.5.4. Piston rings